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Hair Replacement


For each client, I provide a customized consultation to discuss the needs and concerns of each client. During the consultation I discuss, the type of unit you are looking for, the style, and fit. Because the needs of each client is different. It's important that we take time to discuss each client's needs and address them accordingly. 


As a Certified Hair Replacement Specialist, my main concern for every client is fit. I  provide custom units that require measurements for secure fitting. I also have an inventory of non-custom units that don't require fitting,

However, I will make adjustments to the unit  as need to ensure the most secure fit. At Hair Majesty, LLC we thrive off the satisfaction of every client. 


Investing is only one part of owning a quality hair unit. Maintenance is the most important part. I also provide package that include shampooing, updating the color or style, re-applying adhesives, to variety of other options. Whether you are going to beach for a weekend getaway, or attending a formal event. Hair Majesty, LLC can meet your needs and ensure you feel as good as you look!